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The 5 Best Women’s Tennis Shoes Reviewed For The 2023 Season

Whether you’re a woman who’s a seasoned veteran of the sport or a newcomer, there’s one thing that holds true: You can’t dominate in tennis without a proper pair of women’s tennis shoes. 

The right tennis attire is crucial, but shoes are the most important part. After all, the entire game is played on your feet with explosive movements and a lot of running!

If you’re having trouble picking the perfect tennis shoes for the 2023 season, we’ve got you covered with five of our favorites. But first, let’s look at what went into our picks and what makes them the right choice for you.

What Makes a Good Women’s Tennis Shoe?

When you’re looking for the best tennis shoes on the market, you’ll need to pay attention to four different characteristics:

  1. Fit
  2. Durability
  3. Support 
  4. Style

Let’s go through each of these factors and what they entail.


No matter what kind of shoes you’re looking for, there’s nothing more important than the fit. With an improper fit, at the very least, you’ll be hindering your tennis performance.

At worst, you could cause severe damage to your feet over time with shoes that don’t fit.

Tennis involves incredible amounts of movement—running, quick bursts, lateral quickness, and more. The best possible fit for this scenario is snug but not too tight. The toe bed should be a little wider for added stability, but if it’s too wide, it can cause problems. 

There isn’t one singular answer we can give for the fit—it depends on whether you have narrow or wide feet, along with any potential injuries that you have. The best way to figure out the fit is to try on the shoe yourself!


Tennis shoes aren’t like your regular office dress shoes. With so many repetitive movements during training and game sessions, you’ll develop much more wear and tear than you would on any other shoe. 

Buying the right tennis shoe involves choosing a pair that can withstand all the stop-and-go movements you’ll see on the court. There should be more solidness around the shoe's perimeter to prevent wear and provide additional support. 

You also want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. There’s nothing worse than spending good money on a pair of shoes that are completely worn out in a month! 

The right pair of durable women’s tennis shoes for a recreational tennis player should give you a solid year of life.


With constant changes in direction and consistent lateral movement, tennis is a sport that can put a lot of pressure on your body—particularly your ankles. If you want to avoid injuries and play your best game, you’ll want a women’s tennis shoe with good support and stability.

A supportive tennis shoe starts with a sturdy ankle—without that, you’ll be susceptible to ankle injuries. The sole of your shoe also provides support and prevents you from slipping during quick movements. Lastly, tennis shoes should be a little heavier than your average running shoe but not so heavy that you sacrifice speed. It’s all about balance. 


Once you’ve found the right pair of women’s tennis shoes that provide the function you need, it doesn’t hurt to play the game with a little style!

Function always comes first, but we love tennis shoes with some flair. Our picks ensure that you can play the game at the highest level, but they’ll also have you turning some heads on the court—no matter what kind of tennis shoe style you’re into. 

Our Favorite Women’s Tennis Shoes

Now onto our list!

These five picks from Lotto hit on every one of our points above: Fit, durability, support, and style. Let’s jump in. 

Mirage 300 Speed in White

It’s hard to beat a clean white shoe—even when you’re playing tennis. 

On top of providing incredible style and classiness, the White Mirage 300 Speed provides everything a tennis player needs on the court. They’re lightweight while still providing the stability required to excel, they feature a supportive upper with additional reinforcement for maximum durability, and they offer a durable outsole with fantastic traction. 

If you’re looking for the quintessential women’s tennis shoe that ticks every box, it’s hard to beat the Mirage 300 Speed. Get them today for just $100. 

Mirage 300 Speed in White

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Mirage 300 Speed in Pink

A clean white shoe is always a go-to. But what about if you want a little extra flash while you’re dominating on the court?

The Mirage 300 Speed in Pink gives you all the advantages you get with the white version: A durable sole, maximum stability in a lightweight package, and a supportive upper for ankle protection. However, this colorway is for those who want to stand out. If you’re looking to turn heads on the court, the Mirage 300 Speed in Pink is what you need.

Grab them from the Lotto site for just $100. 

Mirage 300 Speed in Pink

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Mirage 300 Clay

Different types of courts require different kinds of shoes. If you want to dominate the clay court, you’ll need a shoe designed for such an endeavor. 

Just like the Mirage 300 Speed, the Mirage 300 Clay gives you everything you need to play at the highest level. You’ll find the same reinforced upper for ankle stability, a lightweight design, and a durable sole that helps the shoe last. The primary difference here is the weight—clay court players benefit from a lighter weight shoe since the courts are easier on the shoes themselves. 

If you’re a clay court player, you can grab the Mirage 300 Clay women’s tennis shoes for $110.

Mirage 300 Clay

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Mirage 100 Speed in Blue

It doesn’t get much better than a shoe endorsed by professional players!

The Mirage 100 Speed is for those who want maximum agility and speed come game time. The shoe is lightweight—however, it still provides the stability you’ll need on the court. The stable upper has a cage that offers maximum support for your feet and provides additional durability. You also get optimized cushioning and shock absorption to reduce injury risk and achieve maximum comfort on the court. It’s also hard to say no to the beautiful light blue color!

Ready to get these high-end women’s tennis shoes? They’re available for just $140. 

Mirage 100 Speed in Blue

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Mirage 200 Speed

The Mirage 200 Speed is the perfect balance between the 100 and the 300—a middle ground in pricing that provides tennis players with a cost-effective option for tennis court domination. 

For starters, the Mirage 200 Speed is the lightest Lotto shoe on the market. Don’t worry—you’ve still got all the stability you’d expect from a quality women’s tennis shoe. The upper comprises two elements: An inner sock that enhances breathability and an external hot-melt cage with nylon elements for added support. It’s also a stylish shoe you’ll love to wear when you’re getting your games in. 

You can find the Mirage 200 Speed on the Lotto site for $125. 

Mirage 200 Speed

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Find the Best Women’s Tennis Shoes From Lotto Sport

We've got you covered if you want the best women’s tennis shoes for the 2023 season. Our tennis shoes for women have everything you need: Fit, durability, support, and style.

Check out our collection today and gear up for the upcoming tennis season!

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