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6 Best Tennis Skirts for Women in 2023

When it comes to women’s tennis attire, you’ve got several options, from polo shirts and shorts to a full tennis dress.

However, if you want to meet in the middle, tennis skirts for women are the best choice.

Tennis skirts give you all kinds of styling options for both on-court and off-court fits. You’ve got different colors, patterns, lengths, and more. 

If a tennis skirt sounds like something you want to add to your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered with six of our favorites from Lotto Sport. But first, let’s dive into some specifics about tennis skirts and how to wear them. 

What is a Tennis Skirt?

A tennis skirt, as the name suggests, is a skirt worn by tennis players that provides them with the freedom of movement and comfort to excel at the sport. Though they are made specifically for tennis, tennis skirts can also be worn off the court to create some iconic, stylish looks. They’re also lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort on and off the court. 

Tennis skirts come in various patterns and styles—you have plain skirts, patterned skirts, and skirts in different colors. They can also come in either a straight design or a pleated design. 

What Can You Wear Under a Tennis Skirt?

In the past, court and tournament rules severely restricted what female tennis players could wear underneath their tennis skirts. However, in today’s game, players are free to wear just about anything they want. 

On the court, spandex is a common choice under a tennis skirt. It’s comfortable and still provides the freedom of movement a player needs to dominate. If the weather is colder, it’s common to see tights or leggings worn underneath to keep in the warmth. 

Off the court, anything goes. You can wear a tennis skirt with or without tights underneath and create iconic fits—the choice is yours! 

What Tops Can You Wear With Tennis Skirts?

A tennis skirt is versatile—you can pair it with just about any top!

If you’re looking for a classic on-court fit, we love pairing a tennis skirt with a classic sporty polo. This gives you a classy look while you dominate the court—just be sure to go with a polo that isn’t too tight. This kind of outfit would work well off-court, too!

Another go-to top for a tennis skirt on the court is a comfortable tank top. For example, the Squadra Tank from Lotto Sport—it features a scoop neck design with some subtle stripe detailing on the sides for a unique look.model wearing Squadra Tank from Lotto Sport

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Once you take a tennis skirt off the court, your options are endless. You could opt for a carefree and effortless look with a baggy sweatshirt or create an edgier outfit with a graphic tee—the choice is yours. 

The tennis skirt is a staple piece on and off the court. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create incredible outfits!

How Should a Tennis Skirt Fit?

Tennis skirts for women should provide ample room to move freely while you’re on the court—they should fit snugly but not too tight.

The most common range for tennis skirt length is between 11 and 15 inches. The length you choose will depend on how much you value your range of movement—a shorter skirt will allow for a little easier movement than a longer one. 

There aren’t really any restrictions for length at your local courts—however, the WTA rulebook does mention that skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh length. 

Our Favorite Tennis Skirts for Women in 2023

Have you decided that a tennis skirt is right for you? If so, we’ve got some of our favorite options below from Lotto Sport—some are more subtle, while others have bold designs. 

White Squadra Skirt

The best part about the classics is that they never go out of style. They work with just about anything you have in your wardrobe, and they’re always on-trend.

The same can be said for the White Squadra Skirt from Lotto Sport—this classic white tennis skirt for women features a drop-hem ruffle detail with built-in compression shorts for added comfort and convenience. The crisp white color will look great whether you’re going for back-to-back wins on the court or creating stylish looks off-court!White Squadra Skirt from Lotto Sport

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Navy Superrapida Skirt

The Superrapida line is an all-new Pickleball-specific series of skirts, but they’re still perfect for tennis domination and off-court style!

This Superrapida skirt in bold navy conveys maximum style and functionality. It features textured polyester fabric for a subtle-yet-dynamic look. The right amount of elastane is present in the skirt for optimal comfort. The Navy Superrapida skirt is perfect for elevating your tennis game—and your overall outfit!

Navy Superrapida skirt

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White & Orange Top Ten Skirt

It’s one thing to have the right clothing for incredible performances on the court. It’s another to have unforgettable attire that turns heads.

The White & Orange Top Ten Skirt gives you exactly that—a stylish and functional tennis skirt for women that makes as big a statement as your tennis game itself.  The skirt is designed with exceptional comfort and breathability—precisely what you need on the court. It also features built-in compression shorts and an optical dotted pattern for effortless style.

The White & Orange Top Ten Skirt

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Black Squadra Skirt 

Whether you’re on the court practicing or creating edgy and fashionable outfits, you can’t go wrong with a black tennis skirt for women. After all, black works with just about anything!

The Black Squadra Skirt gives you all the same benefits as the white version: A drop-hem ruffle detail and built-in compression shorts for maximum comfort. It also features a small Lotto logo in the bottom corner, adding detail. Instead of immediately standing out, this black version is perfect for those who prefer to let their game do the talking. 

Black Squadra Skirt

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Top Ten Skirt II

Looking to make a bold statement on the court? This Top Ten Skirt II from Lotto is the piece you need.

The Top Ten Skirt II is built for winners—it was designed to meet the needs of all tennis players, from recreational weekend warriors to the best of the best. This skirt also features built-in compression shorts and a 13-inch inseam for maximum comfort and movement on or off the court. Don’t miss out on adding this one to your wardrobe!

The Top Ten Skirt II

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Navy Squadra Skirt

No matter the occasion, navy is always a great color to have in your repertoire. We love a good navy tennis skirt for women, and this Squadra Skirt is no different.

The Navy Squadra Skirt rounds out our trio of classy color combinations for the Squadra line—you get the same drop-hem ruffle detailing and built-in compression shorts, just in a classy navy blue colorway. Add this one to your rotation today—you won’t regret it! 

Navy Squadra Skirt

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Find All the Best Tennis Skirts For Women from Lotto Sport

Looking for more comfortable and stylish tennis skirts? Lotto Sport has all of your favorites, from classic colors to bold style statements. Check out our collection today and add some incredible tennis skirts to your wardrobe! 

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